How do I get this? I don't read americano
  • Ya'll... can you help me understand how I can get a hold of a copy of this? I get it's on AT&T something... but does that mean I can buy it online.... or? :)

  • elo? :)
  • Looks like you need to have AT&T IPTV service or cell phone to get it at the moment. I'm sure you can acquire it by "other means" though, if you look.
  • precurserprecurser May 2011
    I'm lost!? What are you trying to get?
  • buggzerobuggzero May 2011
    If i find a copy of the movie, you can be sure we will find a way to get it to you
  • Thanks guys. I've been "browseing" the internets darkest corners these past days to find it but can't. I was wondering if it maybe was some sort of streaming-AT&T offer only.
  • Seen it. Love it. Will now see it again. Will love it... again.

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