10 years :-\
  • kriegskriegs May 2011
    After 10 years, today I think I'm going to finally close down Phirebrush. I haven't been able to give it its full due for awhile now. Just don't have the time like I have in the past. Plus, the internet is a different place now. Back when it started, it had a good purpose. Now, the net is flooded with art sites. I may bring it back at a later date, but probably not in the same fashion as it was. We'll see. Honestly, it's making me kinda sad doing this.
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    Pulling the plug doesn't mean the end, and it also leaves room for new things. You could do whatever you want with it whenever you want. Perhaps you could bring it back one day as a museum? :D
  • kriegskriegs May 2011
    Yea, it's not gone forever. Just this phase. But still, heavy hearted to do this.
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    I have no problems understanding that. It's your little baby.
  • blueblue May 2011
    you will probably make something bigger and better, you have the talent. I bet time is a big issue these days.
  • kriegskriegs May 2011
    Yea, it really is. That and work draining me. But trying to not let it do so ;)
  • @jcolsen You sound like you have experience pulling the plug.

  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    @jamescosta I do, it's never fun though.
  • precurserprecurser May 2011
    It was good while it lasted bro. New beginnings! ;)
  • peetahbpeetahb September 2011
    Has it really been 10 years since you started Phirebrush? Wow.

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