• jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    Anyone using it? Is it recommended? I need to do something about hellojohn.com. The way my blog is now I never update it. I'm more the micro blogger type and WP simply is to much hassle for that as far as I know.

    I've been looking into it a little today and it looks nice. I don't fully understand it yet though, and the theming part looks confusing. Anyone have any experience with theming tumblr? If you made a theme for it I'd love to see it.

    Also, if you have anything else to suggest besides tumblr I'm all ears :)
  • I have a Tumblog but I'm not using it at the moment. From what I've seen it goes down a lot, like Twitter used to. I know a bunch of people who really like Posterous too.
  • kriegskriegs May 2011
    I don't see the point to use it (for me personally). I signed up and never went back. I have a blog already setup I don't use much.
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    Looking into seeing if I can turn WP into an easier way to blog. If not, I'll probably switch to tumblr. Should none of them work out after a while I'll just pull the blog plug for good :P
  • buggzerobuggzero May 2011
    Tumblr is alright. Just kind of a simple combo of a blog and social stuff. Although it seems to be a mainly used as photo/anim-gif/screenshot/video post and reblog group orgy currently.

    I keep telling myself "imma customize the shit out of this." But you sort of use a majority of it in the dashboard anyways, so it came a afterthought.
  • kriegskriegs May 2011
    I've thought about maybe killing off my WP install on my site and redirecting to a tumblr based version. It would be nice if my site was to go down, to have something that wasn't. But I suppose that's why I have Twitter/FB/etc. Decisions. Decisions.
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    Currently toying with turning WP into tumblr style :P
  • kriegskriegs May 2011
    The more I think about having a subdomain direct to it, the more i like it. I think chances of posts getting shared would be higher there instead of my domain hosted WP. Still pondering :)
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    I'm still not 100% decided, but hearing all the downtime complaints etc. I'm currently toying with ideas to simplify the wordpress posting procedure, custom posts etc. This is where I also notice I don't really know shit about programming haha

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