New Shirt
  • precurserprecurser May 2011
    Yeah... So we are re-launching Naature with a new shirt on June 1st. We will release a new shirt every month. FK YA !

    Awesome more details coming soon.

  • buggzerobuggzero May 2011
    With this shirt you can now:
  • kriegskriegs May 2011
  • ConstanceConstance May 2011
    Very steampunky, do I get free shipping? ;)
  • Very cool man
  • You went and made a shirt with my favourite number on it. Now I HAVE to buy it!
  • blueblue May 2011
    where do you get your shirts printed?
  • buggzerobuggzero May 2011
    Its like this real underground quality place. Im mean... i can tell u the naaaaaame and alllllllll.buuuuuuuuuuuuuut u probably haven't heard of it.
  • blueblue May 2011
    is it in LA? ...I actually think a friend and I are going halfers in on a 4 color silkscreen package from .... thoughts?
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    If I remember correctly, George print them himself in his garage?
  • precurserprecurser May 2011
    Derek, Awesome! ;D

    Blue, Before I was printing them myself with my Dad's screen printer but I have switched to using a new process that is much quicker. They are plastisol transfers, it's basically screen printing without the need of the screen printer. The company screens the designs onto a release paper that you heat press onto the shirt. It produces the same results.
  • precurserprecurser May 2011
    Oh ya, follow us on Twitter:
    and Like us on FB:

    I will be printing the shirts this weekend and I will be posting a bunch of photos and such. Might do a small contest too.

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