What does everyone do now?
  • dudleyidudleyi May 2011
    I'm a freelance IT consultant in the Atlanta, GA area. I specialize in web development and mobile applications.
  • kriegskriegs May 2011
    Lead Designer for a gaming stats startup in NYC.
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    Carpenter during the day. And, same as always the rest of the time. Photo, design, web, art, the stuff. Decided to drop the design career as a living. Wasn't happy with it that way. Couldn't be better as it is now ^_^
  • kriegskriegs May 2011
    I've been tempted to do that a few times in the past JC, just haven't done it. That's awesome you found something and that it's working out!
  • odeamonodeamon May 2011
    Level Designer at BioWare....still..Sigh.
  • Desktop Support/Phone Systems Admin for The Cable Shopping Network
  • mrkantzmrkantz May 2011
    Web design and flash dev at ViTRO in San Diego
  • precurserprecurser May 2011
    I am still with the same company I have been for for last (going on) 10 years, a concrete supplier based out of Upland, CA.

    I have taken on quite a few freelance gigs over the last 5 months though. Did some work for the Team Lotus F1 Racing Team and hope to have some stuff with the McLaren F1 Racing Team finalized very soon.

    Oh ya and relaunching Naature Clothing in the next month! ;)
  • circlescircles May 2011
    Tech support for a cable company. I talk to idiots on the phone, it's great
  • whiskerzwhiskerz May 2011
    Quit designing for a living about 10 years ago and started teaching.

    I teach a visualization course that includes Adobe CS4, 3ds Max, CorelDraw, etc.

    Trying to get back into photography. I can tell how long it has been since I did any web design because I am struggling to set up a gallery page . . .
  • buggzerobuggzero May 2011
    Entrepreneur, spiritualist, healer.
  • blueblue May 2011
    I take pictures.

    somehow I managed to start a Tattoo Magazine even though i don't have a single tattoo.
  • I'm an IT Research Analyst now, along with running Orpheum Hosting. Both gigs are going really well.
  • blueblue May 2011
    glad to hear Derek :)
  • inspireinspire May 2011
    i work for Localites.TV .. meh..
  • currently designer at a digital agency

    also will be doing a live artwork in china later this year. did one last year in victoria.
  • blueblue May 2011
  • I work for Manifest Digital in Chicago
    I also have my own company in sweden, www.naboovalley.com
    I'm also co-founder of www.jarocka.se w/ over 50.000 customers each year
    I'll also start a new company www.ramfabriken.se this year

    *puh* I do a lot. Need a Cali vacation soon ;)~
  • Wow Johan, you really are busy! Are you planning on staying in Sverige?
  • Single father. Go figure. Have a condo now and full custody.

    Started up the design and development business full-time after work started picking up last year. Hired Matt F. full time. Have been working on tons of awesome projects, and haven't been happier.

    Partner in a company that does motivational talks workshops, keynotes, etc.

    I've also gained at least 20lbs since I was last here. #winning
  • blueblue May 2011
    and the Tattoo Mag went under, i was owed $5000. time to lawyer up
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    Carpenting went out the window here too for the time being. Consider to just start my own company on the side at least.

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