Any issues so far guys?
  • kriegskriegs April 2011
    Just curious if you guys have noticed any bugs or issues yet?
  • odeamonodeamon April 2011
    I hear Jason is a bitch face. That was my reason to join, and it was approved.
  • precurserprecurser April 2011
    Its too cool, can you tone it down a little?
  • beatbeat April 2011
    My penis is INCREDIBLY small. Please fix?
  • shellygrrlshellygrrl April 2011
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    An iPad / iPhone home screen icon would rock ;)
  • buggzerobuggzero May 2011
    Even when I'm logged in, the front page says "Howdy Stranger"
  • jcolsenjcolsen May 2011
    Unimportant "bug"... Visit count counts how many times you've had to sign in, not how many times you've visited the board.

    Yep, little to do today lol... Aaaaand fun to see ppl at naature again ^^

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