Your welcome America
  • kriegskriegs July 2011
    It's cool and all but I have to say I am freakin addicted to can't wait for them to let you guys in :)
  • circlescircles July 2011
    What about Canada?
  • Turntable doesn't really look to be the same as Spotify at all, looks more like a social music get together(?).

    Spotify is like iTunes, but with all music in it AND streaming at 360 (premium user). Offline sync music (as much as you like) for trips or areas where you don't have coverage. Use in on your smartphone and carry with you all the music available.

    Simply amazing.

    This starts to sound like an advertisment, hehe.
  • Its here!

    Let me know if you need an invite. Got some. Send me your email. But i recommend the premium service :)
  • kriegskriegs July 2011
    George and I are addicted. Officially. We've connected it with facebook, but you can find us at our regular screen names: Kriegs and Precurser
  • Don't forget that you can "send songs" to eachother also. Just drag the song to a user and it'll appear in that users inbox. Pretty cool thing.

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