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First... how are you all?

Second... I have this new App/Company called "PiccaPrint" which is an App (iPhone/Android) that let's you order print from your phone's photos and send to who(m)ever you want. You can also add a message like "Hey sexy, check my abs!!"

Cool thing is that I have a lab in the US that does all the printing for that market (same as the Hipstamatic lab). But I'm unsure how to market myself in the US (since I'm on a small budget).

Do you guys want to brainstorm good ideas with me? Maybe you have seen some cool promotional thing that you can tip me about.

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Awesome more details coming soon.

Any issues so far guys? Sat, 30 Apr 2011 16:13:59 -0400 kriegs 3@/index.php?p=/discussions