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I didn't get to see much of E3 this year, and frankly I haven't been able to dig into it much afterwards either. Something has caught my eye nonetheless.

Been waiting for the Wii to upgrade to HD like forever. Finally it's official and I can't wait to play Zelda in 1080p! The Wii U looks very fun too, but I haven't understood yet if it's just a controller, or a part of the next Wii console? Nintendo also said it would probably be too expensive for people to have two of those controllers. Sounds scary since none of us knows any prices yet. I only managed to catch the last part of the Nintendo conference and the full Sony one.

There wasn't any games I didn't already want that got announced (that I know of), but I just want these games even more now from their new presentations. Those are: Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Batman: Arkham City, Tomb Raider (First time interest in this game series, Square Enix ftw), Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Assassins Creed (I've yet to play the previous one) and FFXIII2. I just have to complete FFXIII first (stuck in a tedious leveling loop) :P

Not sure I'll play Assassins Creed though, it looks badass, but the first one was so crap I never felt like doing the others.
Same goes for Tomb Raider. I've had a few of the games, but never had the interest in completing any of them. Most of the ones I've tried I've barely given more than 1-2 hours time. This new one from Square Enix however looks incredible! Time will tell.

Other things, Bioshock. Looks amazing, but same as the above, looks alone isn't enough. This I wont get simply because I have no interest in the game other than the visual. And Star Wars: The old republic is nothing but a massive disappointment for me for the exact oposite reasons as Bioshock above. Star Wars is brilliant, Lucas Art is brilliant, BioWare is brilliant, the cinematics are absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous, so far so good. The gameplay however LOOKS NOTHING like the wrapping. That art direction there just threw me completely off, I can't even take it seriously. It's the only thing ruining everything for me with this game. It worked somewhat for the animated series, but here, I don't feel it at all.

Anyways, those are my E3 experiences. Lots of great stuff to look forward to! The Mass Effect 3 demo with kinetic was really badass, but I wont get an xbox just for that, in fact I never will :P Voice controlling doesn't work that good for me anyway since it's not natural as it's not my language, but it looks fun! :D Going to enjoy that game so much regardless ^_^]]>
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